How to Make Sure Your Files are Safe and Secure With Data Room Providers Backup Services

Many online data breaches happen because companies don't pay enough attention to data backups. Backup preserves data integrity, but if too many people have access to it or it is stored in an untrusted location, it can be a major vulnerability for organizations. On the other hand, virtual data rooms are trusted digital spaces for businesses that provide your sensitive data with all the security measures it needs.

What are virtual data rooms?

Virtual data rooms are cloud-based digital business spaces. They became indispensable helpers for organizations worldwide when the coronavirus pandemic took the world by surprise and forced us to act as quickly as possible to keep the global economy in order. VDRs offer their clients a secure space to store and share documents, collaborate on projects, communicate on confidential topics, and perform complex processes such as due diligence, mergers and acquisitions, fundraising, IPOs, legal, investment transactions, real estate transactions, and more. The main feature of VDR, which enables all the activities mentioned above, is its security. data room providers verify their products with the appropriate legislative and industry bodies to get safety certificates, which prove their reliability. These solutions have multiple layers of security, one of which is physical security, which is far from unimportant. Physical security is fundamental to VDR security.

Physical security and backup – features of VDRs

One of the big mistakes in a company's cybersecurity is its negligent attitude toward backups. Not only is it important to have a replication process in place for their security, but it's also important to secure it against a set of risks that are often overlooked. Virtual data rooms, as mentioned, comply with international security certifications, which means they use all modern cybersecurity measures to guarantee your protection. So, the main functions of physical VDR data protection are:

  • Real-time data backup

All documents uploaded inside the VDR will be continuously backed up on the servers, ensuring their integrity at all times.

  • Emergency backups

When the program backs up your data, it is placed on more than one server, which protects it from failure.

  • Servers with multiple locations

Quality data room providers always make sure that their servers have different locations. This greatly reduces the risk of data loss in the event of failures and fires, floods, hurricanes, and other disasters.

Other VDR security features

Virtual data rooms are just as successful in providing high-end virtual space protection, which includes security measures such as:

  • Data encryption

All data within VDRs is encrypted both at rest and during transmission. No user can fish out useful information unless they have the proper permission to do so.

  • Two-Factor Authentication

This user authentication method involves not just entering a password but also additional information that would confirm a person's identity, such as a one-time code.

  • Remote Cleanup

Space administrators can remove a user at any time from the space or remove VDR data from someone else's device, keeping the chance of data leakage to a minimum.

  • Detailed permissions

Depending on the responsibilities of the users, the administrator can deny or allow different actions on the document, such as copying, printing, loading, editing, forwarding, and screenshotting.

  • Watermarks

If someone has been allowed more free action with a document, you can still track their actions with a watermark. This feature records all the information about the user who accessed the paper and the steps they took with it.